The Electro-Acuscope is an FDA approved machine for humans which has been used in clinics and hospitals since 1978. It has been used by the San Francisco 49'ers, the U.S. Olympic Ski Team, , Texas A & M University, Louisiana State University, many doctors, chiropractors and physical therapy centers. A few years ago, it was adapted for veterinary use on horses, dogs and cats.

The Acuscope has both diagnostic and therapeutic functions. It actually provides feedback which indicates the location of a pathologic condition or area of pain. It also tells the therapist when an area has been successfully treated.

The Acuscope does not heal. It makes the body heal itself by stimulating the supply of blood and oxygen to the involved area. No drugs or needles are used in the treatment. It is effective in the treatment of many types of tissue damage and is a particularly useful therapy for swelling, inflammation, and soreness. There is no danger of over-treatment, the machine can not cause damage to the tissue.

There is a small but growing group of qualified people who have been trained by a licensed instructor to use the Acuscope on horses. After extensive training, they become certified Equine Therapists. Therapists often work in cooperation with equine practitioners. Acuscope therapy can supplement the traditional veterinary procedures to ensure a quicker recovery
for the horse.

The Acuscope system is indicated for use, and is effective in the treatment of the following equine conditions:

Joint Inflammation Line Muscles (croup)
Bowed Tendons and Mouth Ailments
Bucked Shins Curbs and Capped Hocks
Colic Whirlbone Treatments
Pulled Muscles in the Shoulder Splints
Pulled Suspensory Ligaments Green Osselets
Cartilage Damage in Knees & Hocks Stressed Stifles
Arthritic Conditions of Joints Abscesed Feet
Deteriorating Coffin Bones, Laminitis or Founder
Muscle Spasms in Stifles Muscle Spasms in Backs
Pinched Nerves in the Neck
Ring Bone
Traumatic Inflammation Injury Washing Out
Pre-race Firing Pre-race Calming
Neck sculpturing

Widely known and well respected for it's consistent effectiveness, the Acuscope is the most technologically advanced, sophisticatd and unique equipment in today's age of electronic pain therapy. A series of treatments has a cumulative effect which results in long term relief for animals suffering from the most acute and chronic neuro-muscular disorders. The treatments greatly reduce common pain and swelling and increase range of motion limitations associated with many joint pathologies.

Perhaps the factor which contributes most conspicously to the outstanding effectiveness of the system, is the minute level of electricity generated by the system. The concept of mirco-current stimulation has achieved widespread acceptance, even by many of the most conservative medical pain management facilities because no one can deny the validity of consistent results. A wide variety of electrodes have been designed by a team of biomedical engineers. This allows versatility in selecting the most appropriate and effective probe, plate or roller for the treatment.

The modalities are applied primarily for pain relief, to improve soft tissue function and increase range of motion. However, in numerous recent studies micro-current stimulation has been proven to have a profoundly beneficial effect on living tissue at the cellular level. Micro-amperage (below 1 milliamp) is the naturally occurring leve of current generated throughout the body. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why supplying the kind of current naturally occurring in healthy tissue promotes regenerative metabolic activity.

In contrast to all milli-amperage nerve stimulation devices (ordinary TENS) designed to bombard the tissue and block pain signals from reaching the brain, the Acuscope generates only the level of current required to gently encourage nerve fiber to return to conduction of normal electrical impulses. A series of treatments have a positive cumulative effect in contrast to ordinary TENS devices which provide only temporary relief.

The most unique feature of the Acuscope which sets it apart from other electrical stimulation devices is the micro-chip circuitry designed to monitor the tisue placed between the probes. Based on the information it gathers, the unit is programmed to calculate appropriate corrective feedback modulated waveform variance. Other electrical stimulation units produce a fixed output according to preset specifications. The Acuscope picks up abnormalities in nerve fiber impulses and modifies its infinitely variable squarewave envelope output appropriately until normal waveform patterns are geing conducted without resistance through the circuit completed between the tissue and the probes. The Acuscope reads neurological impedance along the current flow and cn discriminate point of high or low resistance.

Sandee Proctor is a certified Acuscope Therapist and she accepts clients at her stable in addition to ranch calls in nearby areas. Call for more information, our equine friends deserve the very best.

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